To Our Favorite Patients:
Every couple of years it is my practice to send out a “News Letter” about new and exciting developments and this time there are lots of them!
First, as some of you may know we have moved to our permanent home in the Lennar Center. Our new address is 8700 North Kendall Drive, Suite 206. Our office is beautiful, it has become a gallery for my sculptures. The office is conveniently located close to Baptist Hospital and Surgical Park.
We continue to have our monthly “Botox Party” if you have attended then you know that Botox is sold at an unbelievable rate. For those of you that have not attended you are missing out on a great offer. On the party days dermal fillers are also administered at great discounts. We offer Restylane, Radiesse and most recently Perlane, which lasts 6-9 months. Our latest innovation is augmentation of the cheekbones with Radiesse, used in combination with injections into the nasolabial creases. This has totally replaced implants in this area; it is safe, almost non-invasive and in the majority of cases can last up to a year. This technique is a true makeover. Just ask Jessie who recently had the procedure.
Our focus is to continue doing fine cosmetic procedures, such as facelifts, eye lifts, liposuction as well as breast enhancements and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Women continue to elect combining breast surgery with additional procedures. This is cost effective and requires only one recovery period, and only one exposure to anesthesia. We now can also offer financing options through our partners Capital One and Surgery
To become part of our mailing list, simply email us your name and phone number to or just call the office and speak with Gloria or Jessie.  They will be happy to take your information.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our new office!

Thank You,
Joel M. Levin M.D., F.A.C.S.
Our Botox party Schedule is as follows:
July 11, 2008